Incident Recap, March 11 - March 21

Monday, March 24, 2014  RECENT INCIDENTS 3/11 Vehicle Accident; Rt. 222, Ephrata Twp. – Assist Pioneer-recalled

3/14 Reported Explosion; 200 block of S. Academy Dr., Boro – heard for a mile, but nothing found

3/15 5 pm Standby for Pioneer Fire Co. during their awards banquet, Boro

3/15 8:10 pm Gas Leak; 275 N. Reading Rd., Ephrata Twp. – Assist Pioneer Fire Co.

3/17 8:51 am Vehicle Accident; 100 block of Meadow Valley Rd., Ephrata Twp., 3 vehicles with injuries

3/17 9:18 am Dwelling Fire; 160 Wollups Hill Rd., W. Cocalico Twp. – Assist Schoeneck
Engine 16-1 and Rescue 16 used for elevated master stream and to
Establish Rapid Intervention Team (RIT)

3/21 5:55 pm Residential Rescue; 185 Tom Ave., Boro – Child with finger caught in bike chain – Assist Pioneer - recalled 



Incident Recap, March 1 - March 10

Tuesday, March 11, 2014  RECENT INCIDENTS

3/4 9:53 am Automatic Alarm; 108 N. Reading Rd., Boro – False accidental

3/6 10:41 pm Carbon Monoxide Alarm; 65 Fieldcrest Lane, Ephrata Twp. – False Detector malfunction

3/7 9:57 am Dwelling Fire; 13 S. King St., W. Cocalico Twp. – Assist Schoeneck Fire Co.

3/7 12:49 pm Vehicle Accident; 1100 block of S. State St., Boro-Assist Pioneer

3/8 7:53 am Vehicle Accident; Meadow Valley and Rettew Mill Rds., Ephrata Twp. Truck into a pole

3/8 9:53 am Fire Police; Academy Dr. and Rt. 272, Boro – Power outage – Direct at Traffic lights

3/8 7:38 pm Dwelling Fire; 146 E. Main St., Boro, Assist Pioneer Fire Co.

3/10 12:46 pm Vehicle Accident; 500 block of Hackman Rd., Clay Twp. – Car snapped a pole and flipped onto roof



Incident Recap, February 17 - February 28

Saturday, March 1, 2014  RECENT INCIDENTS2/18 10:55 am Automatic Alarm; Ephrata Hospital, Boro – Assist Pioneer Fire Co.

2/19 2:37 am Automatic Alarm; 1731 W. Main St., Clay Twp. – System Malfunction

2/20 3:51 pm Vehicle Accident; Rt. 272 and Grandview Dr., Boro

2/20 4:08 pm Vehicle Accident, 700 block of Martin Ave., Boro – with injuries

2/21 11:34 am Residential Rescue; 1416 Lincoln Heights Ave., Ephrata Twp.

2/21 8:37 pm Building Fire; 100 block E. Franklin St., Boro – Assist Pioneer

2/21 9:38 pm Vehicle Accident; 200 block of Meadow Valley Rd., Ephrata Twp.,
Person with foot caught between snow bank and trailer frame
Fire Police only

2/23 12:02 pm Dwelling Fire; 5 Broad St., Boro – Assist Pioneer – recalled

2/23 12:50 pm Investigation; 1409 Apple St., Boro – Furnace Malfunction

2/24 1:02 pm Automatic Alarm; Ephrata Middle School, Boro – False-accidental

2/25 9:49 am Fire Police; 100 block of Rock Rd., Clay Twp. – Assist Regional Police
Shut down road during investigation

2/25 6:04 pm Dwelling Fire; 310 Duke St., Boro – Assist Pioneer – Recalled

2/27 7:03 am Carbon Monoxide Alarm; 224 Phillip Lane, Clay Twp.

2/27 11:11 am Vehicle Accident w/injuries; W. Main St. and Wood Corner Rd., Clay Twp.

2/27 1:59 pm Investigation; 1 Moccasin Dr., Clay Twp. – Water Heater malfunction

2/28 8:35 am Chimney Fire; 7 Landis Rd., Boro – Assist Pioneer Fire Co.



42nd Annual Company Banquet

Tuesday, February 18, 2014  Immediate Press Release Release Date: 2/17/14LINCOLN FIRE CO. AWARDS BANQUET

The Lincoln Fire Co. Held it’s 42nd annual banquet at the Shady Maple Smorgasbord on Saturday evening, February 14. The event was attended by 127 members and guests.

Recognized for 5 years of service was: Mike Kofroth, Kristin Gockley, Brian Carpenter, Helen Elder, David Jaquay and David W. Martin. Tim Showalter received a plaque for 25 years of service. Mary Louise Kurtz was recognized for 40 years of service to the Ladies Auxiliary.

In his annual report, Randall Gockley, Chief, noted that the company responded to 218 Incidents in 2013. Fire loss was estimated at $604,500.00 with property saved of $4 million. During the year, 75 different members responded on calls and accumulated over 3000 manhours in training.

Top Responders during the year: John Coleman, Jr. (136 calls), Glenn M. Zimmerman (135), and Anthony Zimmerman (124). Personnel for most training included: Kirsten Rountree (255 hrs.), Richard Ritter (192 hrs.), and Richard Gehman (122 hrs.). It was also noted that: Glenn M. Zimmerman, Matthew Showalter and Jordan Behm each responded to over 100 calls, plus had 100 manhours or more of training.

Gockley noted that the average response time on calls was 4 minutes and 15 seconds and time on scene in the first due district was 7 minutes and 20 seconds.

Businesses recognized at the banquet for their assistance during the year were: Good’s Disposal Service, Ephrata Auto Service, Valley View Auto Sales and E. Richard Young, Attorney. The Pioneer Fire Company stoodby while members were at the banquet.

Members who passed away this year and remembered were: Barb Wolf, Richard Frankfort, John Weinhold and Rosie Yeakel. It was noted that this was the 42nd held on the 3rd Saturday in February and the weather always has cooperated and was never canceled. Five members attending this years banquet were at the first banquet.

Deacon Clair Zieset of the new Lincoln Mennonite Church attended and provided the meal blessing and benediction.


For additional information contact Gockley at 664-1200 (W) or 733-1095 (H) 



Incident Recap, January 26 - February 16

Monday, February 17, 2014  RECENT INCIDENTS

1/26 12:29 pm Chimney Fire; 348 W. Main St., Boro – Assist Pioneer Fire Co.

1/28 5:11 pm Vehicle Accident; 700 block of Hammon Ave., Boro – with injury

1/31 11:12 am Animal Rescue; 310 Hackman Rd., Clay Twp. – 3 cows in a manure pit

(See Separate story for details)

2/2 5:37 pm CO Detector; 895 Rettew Mill Rd., Ephrata Twp. – high levels of carbon
Monoxide due to coal stove problem

2/2 5:41 pm Vehicle Accident; 1300 block of W. Main St., Boro – Car on its roof

2/4 9:13 am Dwelling Fire; 3920 Oregon Pike – Assist West Earl Fire Co.
“Working” House Fire

2/5 5:44 am Building Fire; 414 W. Sunset Ave., Boro – Assist Pioneer – recalled

2/13 3:34 pm Cardiac Arrest; 30 Moccasin Dr., Clay Twp.

2/14 Vehicle Accident-Tractor Trailer, Dutchland Ave. and Rt. 272, EphrataTwp
Control fluid leak and traffic control

2/14 2:54 pm Vehicle Accident; 300 block N. Reading Rd., Ephrata Twp.
Clean-up of roadway and traffic control

2/14 3:40 pm Gas Leak; 330 N. State St., Boro – Assist Pioneer

2/14 Public Service; 1416 Lincoln Heights Ave., Snow on roof-prevent collapse

2/16 3:44 pm Vehicle Accident; W. Main St. and Blossom Ave., Boro – Fire Police only 



Animal Rescue

Friday, January 31, 2014   Ass’t. 16 called C-16 advising of an possible animal rescue at 310 Hackman Rd., C-16 responded and found 3 heifers, each weighing 1100 to 1200 lbs. had fallen into a manure pit. The pit was approx. 12 ft. deep and had approximately 2 ½ ft. of liquid, frozen manure in it. The cows had gotten through a broken gate and had fallen in sometime overnight.Gockley had County dispatch Rescue and Squad 16 for a public service. He also spoke to Ruth Stetter, Coordinator for Lancaster County Animal Rescue Team, for guidance and advice. Upon arrival, crews placed 2 gas meters on either side of the pit 1 ft. off of the sludge. Throughout the incident, the monitors were checked and no toxic gases noted and oxygen levels remained at 20.8%.

The only person who walked in the pit was the farmer who wore a harness and was on a rope line at all times. Members of the fire co. also had harnesses and rope lines on to effect a rescue if something went wrong inside the pit. A large farm loader was provided by a member of the fire company. Each cow was lassoed and then chained and lifted out of the pit.

While the animals showed signs of hyperthermia, there were no signs of injuries from the fall and rescue. All three were returned to the herd. The operation took approximately 2 hours and was done safely without injuries. 11 Members responded and did a very good job. Our rope training was well used in this incident. Chief Gockley did a TV interview with Blue Ridge Cable 11 and an interview with Lancaster Farming at the conclusion of the incident.



Incident Recap - January 12 - January 26

Sunday, January 26, 2014  FIRE CO. INCIDENTS1/12 9:17 pm Dwelling Fire; 120 Julie Ann Court, Boro – Assist Pioneer

1/13 10:55 am Vehicle Accident with entrapment; 1500 block of Newport Rd., Assist West Earl Fire Co. in extrication of patient

1/13 6:57 pm Person Struck; Martin Ave. and Rt. 272, Boro – Assist EMS

1/15 8 am Trash Fire; W. Main St. and Durlach Rd., Clay Twp.
Fire extinguished

1/16 9:03 am Dwelling Fire; 3985 Oregon Pike-Assist W. Earl Fire Co.

1/17 11:28 am Vehicle Accident with fire; 700 block S. State St., Boro – Assist Pioneer

1/17 5:46 pm Vehicle Accident- entrapment; Rt. 222 South – Assist West Earl Fire Co.
Assist with patient extrication and highway clean-up

1/20 5:48 pm Person Struck; Martin Ave. and Rt. 272, Boro – Fire Police to close road

1/21 5:48 pm Automatic Alarm; 510 Stevens Rd., Ephrata Twp. – False Malfunction

1/22 8:12 pm Dwelling Fire; 308 N. State St., Boro – Assist Pioneer

1/23 11:59 am Vehicle Accident; 1300 block of W. Main St., Boro – Fire Police

1/25 11:55 am Vehicle Accident with confinement; 900 block of Glenwood Dr., Ephrata Twp. – Assist Martindale Fire Co.

1/26 8:45 am Cardiac Arrest; 453 Buchanan Dr., Ephrata Twp. – Assist EMS units



Incident Recap - January 1 - January 12

Tuesday, January 14, 2014  RECENT INCIDENTS1/3 8:12 am Medical Assist; 200 Wood Chuck Dr., Clay Twp.

1/3 7:12 pm Apartment Building Fire; 1053 Henn Ave., Boro – Assist Pioneer

1/3 10 pm Investigation; Turkey Hill, Sharp Ave., Clay Twp.
Alarm system malfunction

1/4 3:44 pm Automatic Alarm; Ephrata Intermediate School, Boro
Broken water pipe cause water damage in vestibule/office area

1/5 3:49 pm Automatic Alarm; 23 Stonecreek Lane, Ephrata Twp.
Broken water pipe caused water damage in 3 apartments

1/5 6:24 pm Vehicle Accident; 100 block of Boomerang Dr., Boro-Assist Pioneer

1/7 11:56 am Dwelling Fire; Countryside Dr., Clay Twp. Melted candle created minor
Smoke condition

1/7 1:09 pm Dwelling Fire; 234 Church Ave., Boro -Assist Pioneer

1/7 1:18 pm Automatic Alarm; 365 N. Reading Rd., Boro- Assist Pioneer on broken
Water pipe

1/7 2:25 pm Automatic Alarm; 43 Tyler Dr., Ephrata Twp. -False detector activation

1/7 11:12 pm Automatic Alarm; 70 Stonecreek Lane, Ephrata Twp. –Broken water pipe
With damage in 2 apartments

1/8 1:04 am Automatic Alarm; 105 Meadow Valley Rd., Ephrata Twp. - Broken water
pipe with damage in 3 apartments

1/8 5:15 pm Building Fire; 890 E. Main St., Ephrata Twp. – Assist Pioneer

1/10 11:50 am Truck Fire; Rt. 222, assist West Earl Fire Co.

1/12 5:27 pm Vehicle Accident with entrapment; Fulton & 7th St., Akron - Recalled



Dawn Ave Apartment Fire

Friday, December 27, 2013  On Dec 27, 2013, Lincoln Fire Company, along with numerous mutual aid companies, responded to an apartment fire at 845 Dawn Ave, Ephrata.  The following link, courtesy of, shows crews fighting the blaze.



Incident Recap - November 26 - December 9

Tuesday, December 10, 2013  RECENT INCIDENTS

11/27 2:22 am Structure Fire; Sheetz, 891 E. Main St., Ephrata Twp.
Reported smoke in the building– Assist Pioneer

12/2 12:35 am Dwelling Fire; 1542 Loop Rd., Penn Twp. – Assist Penryn-Recalled

12/3 11:33 am Industrial Rescue; 265 Akron Rd., Ephrata Twp.
Overturned Mower on Operator – Assist Pioneer

12/5 11:53 am Dwelling Fire; 76 Robert Rd., Boro-Grill created smoke odor – no fire

12/5 4:50 pm Automatic Alarm; 50 Wood Corner Rd., Clay Twp. – False- Accidental

12/6 1:57 pm Automatic Alarm; Ephrata Hospital; Boro – Assist Pioneer Fire Co.

12/8 2:56 pm Vehicle Accident; Rt. 222-South, Assist W. Earl Fire Co. – Recalled

12/9 5:38 am Medical Assist; 412 N. Academy Dr., Boro – Assist in lifting patient



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