Amish Mafia

Wednesday, July 2, 2014  While doing a fire safety awareness program at the Weis Market in Ephrata, Amish Mafia TV star, Alan Beiler, stopped by and had his photo taken with the crew of Engine 16-2.Amish Mafia is a TV show on the Discovery Channel with much of it filmed in Lancaster County. 



Incident Recap, June 9 - June 20

Saturday, June 21, 2014  INCIDENT UPDATE:

6/9 9:55 pm Vehicle Accident; 200 block of W. Burkholder Dr., Clay Twp.-Pole down, No injuries

6/10 7:01 pm Vehicle Accident; W. Main St. and Wood Corner Rd., Clay Twp.

6/13 4:40 pm Gas Leak; Meadow Valley Rd. and Hammon Ave., Ephrata Twp. – Leaking Regulator

6/13 8:22 pm Automatic Alarm; 82 Weaver Ave., Ephrata Twp. – Smoke from cooking

6/14 12:45 am Dwelling Fire; 305 Southview Dr., Assist West Earl

6/15 4:19 pm Dwelling Fire; 209 E. Mohler Church Rd., Ephrata Twp. – Assist Pioneer

6/15 4:39 pm Standby in Station for Pioneer Fire Co. , Boro

6/18 9:24 pm Dwelling Fire; 18 Orange St., Boro – Assist Pioneer – Recalled

6/20 4:20 pm Public Service Call; 1416 W. Main St., Boro – Fuel oil spill in home 



Young Firefighters Recognized

Sunday, June 8, 2014  The officers of the Lincoln Fire Co. are extremely proud of the young men and women who choose to be active members. During this month, an Eagle Scout Awards Program was held at the station recognizing Eric Showalter and Josiah Fegley for their Eagle Scout projects completed at the fire station. The Lincoln Fire Company now has a total of 6 active firefighters who are Eagle Scouts for the Boy Scouts of America.

We have two active firefighters, Kiersten Rountree and Brett Fahnestock who will be graduating this week from High School. Kiersten spent her entire senior year participating in the Protective Services curriculum of the Lancaster County Career and Technology Center held at the County Public Safety Training Center. She received the training she needs to be an EMT and interior firefighter during the year, being at the Training Center every school day. She received a top honor from the Lancaster County Firemens Assn. as the outstanding student in the program. Kiersten has enlisted for four years in the United States Air Force.

The youth involved in the Lincoln Fire Company are dedicated to serving the Ephrata Area and the officers and members could not be more proud of all the young men and women. We currently have 14 firefighters under that age of 23 serving the community.



Ephrata McDonalds Fire

Monday, June 2, 2014   June 2, 2014 3:11 amA first alarm assignment was dispatched for a fire at the McDonald’s, 140 N. Reading Rd. in Ephrata. Additional information was that 4 employees had seen smoke from the rear and roof of the building and evacuated. Deputy 16 arrived reporting a “working” fire in the roof area. Chief 16 established “unified” command and an offensive operation began. Engine 16-1 laid from a hydrant on Martin Ave. and began an attack in the rear of the structure, while Truck 15 established ventilation. A second alarm was struck at 03:23 and the fire was brought under control near 4 am. There were no injuries to firefighters or building employees.

Pa State Police Fire Marshal determined the fire to be accidental having started in the trash storage room. Investigation of the exact cause is ongoing. Damage is estimated to be several hundred thousand dollars.

Mutual aid assisting Lincoln included: Ephrata Pioneer, Akron, Reamstown, Denver, Schoeneck, Mt. Airy, Reinholds, Ephrata Police, Ephrata and Reamstown Ambulance, as well as Rothsville standing by in the Lincoln Station.

Photos by David Jaquay

Photos by David Jaquay


Incident Recap, May 1 - May 25

Monday, May 26, 2014  RECENT INCIDENTS5/3 8:42 pm Investigation; 43 Arrowhead Dr., Clay Twp –Undetermined crackling noise

5/5 11:47 am Vehicle Accident; 440 N. Reading Rd., Ephrata Twp. – Car into a building

5/7 5:57 pm Person Struck; W. Main and Market Sts., Boro

5/9 9:10 pm Chimney Fire; 1324 W. Main St., Boro – Burning cardboard in fireplace

5/10 3:29 pm Vehicle Accident; Hackman Rd. and Hoover Dr., Clay Twp. – knocked off a Fire hydrant

5/11 2 pm Fire Police – Make A Wish Convoy - Boro

5/12 5:19 pm Building Fire; 4179 Oregon Pike; Assist West Earl Fire Co.

5/16 12:50 am Investigation; 825 Dawn Ave., Boro – Detector malfunction

5/17 6:11 pm Building Fire; 250 Parkview Heights Rd., Ephrata Twp. – Assist Pioneer

5/17 6:37 pm Vehicle Accident; 1600 block of W. Main St., Boro

5/21 1:43 pm Vehicle Accident; Fire Police at 27 Hahnstown Rd., Ephrata Twp. – Assist Pioneer – In service 2 ½ hours

5/22 8:20 am Vehicle Accident involving a bus; Rt. 322 and Cabin Rd., Earl Twp. – Assist Martindale Fire Co.

5/23 3:38 pm Vehicle Accident; Fire Police – Wood Corner & Burkholder Dr., Clay Twp.

5/25 1:43 am Alarm Bells; 400 block Springville Rd., Ephrata Twp. - Accidental 



Incident Recap, April 15 - April 30

Thursday, May 1, 2014  4/15 8:47 am Automatic Alarm; 950 Hammon Ave., Boro – false

4/17 8:43 am Dwelling Fire; 330 Pool Rd., Assist West Earl Fire Co.

4/19 4:36 pm Person Struck; 1925 W. Main St., Clay Twp. – Assist ambulance

4/21 7:14 pm Vehicle Accident; Springville and Schoeneck Rds., Ephrata Twp.
Serious accident with entrapment in 2 vehicles with 5 injured
In service 5 hours

4/23 12:33 am Building Fire; 2430 W. Main St., Clay Twp., - Fire Police Assist

4/24 8:35 pm Person Struck; Rt. 222, W. Earl Twp. - Fire Police Assist

4/24 10:12 pm Vehicle Accident; 973 Rettew Mill Rd. – Ephrata Twp. – wires down

4/26 12:32 am Investigation; 75 Weaver Ave., Ephrata Twp. – Detector malfunction

4/28 12:52 pm Vehicle Accident; Springville and Schoeneck Rds., Ephrata Twp.

4/28 7:49 pm Dwelling fire; 79 N. Church Ave., Boro – Assist Pioneer – Cancelled

4/28 8:54 pm Residential Flooding; 825 Dawn Ave., Apt. 123, Boro

4/29 12:35 pm Chickenhouse Fire; Blantz Rd., Elizabeth Twp. – Assist Brickerville

4/30 2:31 pm Residential Flooding; 841 Martin Ave., Boro – 2 in. of water in basement

4/30 9:34 pm Water Rescue; 34 W. Mohler Church Rd., Ephrata Twp. – Assist Pioneer

Photos courtesy Stan Hall

Photos courtesy Stan Hall


Incident Recap, April 4 - April 11

Sunday, April 13, 2014  RECENT INCIDENTS

4/5 10:57 am Brush Fire; 351 Middle Creek Rd., Ephrata Twp. – Unattended burning
On a windy day – 1,000 gals. of water used to extinguish

4/5 1:41 pm Building Fire; 10 Shirley Lane, Warwick Twp. – Assist Rothsville – Canceled

4/6 2:50 am Standby at Brickerville Fire Station, Elizabeth Twp. – In service 3 ½ hrs.
Brickerville assisting Penryn on fatal fire

4/6 9:39 pm Vehicle Accident; Rt. 272 and Academy Dr., Boro – 2 vehicles with injuries

4/8 3:52 am Automatic Alarm; Ephrata Cancer Center, Ephrata Twp. – Broken belt on
Rooftop HVAC created smoke in ductwork

4/11 2:06 pm Vehicle Accident; 147 E. Mohler Church Rd., Ephrata Twp. – Fire Police

4/11 3:33 pm Person Struck; 977 Rettew Mill Rd., Ephrata Twp.



Incident Recap, March 23 - April 3

Friday, April 4, 2014  RECENT INCIDENTS

3/23 7:19 pm Dwelling Fire; 118 Meadow Lane, Warwick Twp. Assist Rothsville-Recalled

3/24 6:43 pm Chimney Fire; 33 W. Mohler Church Rd., Ephrata Twp. – Assist Pioneer
Established Rapid Intervention Team (RIT)

3/25 6:28 am Automatic Alarm; 99 Bethany Rd., Ephrata Twp. – Assist Pioneer

3/26 5:31 pm Spill Control; 1398 W. Main St., Boro – car leaking gasoline

3/29 10:17 am Automatic Alarm; Ephrata Hospital, Boro – Assist Pioneer

3/29 11:26 am Vehicle Accident; Hackman Rd., Clay Twp. – Pole snapped, no injury

3/31 1:53 pm Vehicle Accident; 200 block of Meadow Valley Rd., Ephrata Twp.
Car on its roof with no injuries

4/1 5:11 pm Automatic Alarm; Ephrata Hospital, Boro – Assist Pioneer Fire Co.

4/2 9:41 pm Dwelling Fire; 55 Lincoln Ave., Boro – Assist Pioneer, canceled

4/3 10:20 am Fire Police; Wires down – 600 block of Kissel Hill Rd., Manheim Twp.

4/3 1:25 pm Building Fire; 25 W. Locust St., Boro – Assist Pioneer - canceled



Incident Recap, March 11 - March 21

Monday, March 24, 2014  RECENT INCIDENTS 3/11 Vehicle Accident; Rt. 222, Ephrata Twp. – Assist Pioneer-recalled

3/14 Reported Explosion; 200 block of S. Academy Dr., Boro – heard for a mile, but nothing found

3/15 5 pm Standby for Pioneer Fire Co. during their awards banquet, Boro

3/15 8:10 pm Gas Leak; 275 N. Reading Rd., Ephrata Twp. – Assist Pioneer Fire Co.

3/17 8:51 am Vehicle Accident; 100 block of Meadow Valley Rd., Ephrata Twp., 3 vehicles with injuries

3/17 9:18 am Dwelling Fire; 160 Wollups Hill Rd., W. Cocalico Twp. – Assist Schoeneck
Engine 16-1 and Rescue 16 used for elevated master stream and to
Establish Rapid Intervention Team (RIT)

3/21 5:55 pm Residential Rescue; 185 Tom Ave., Boro – Child with finger caught in bike chain – Assist Pioneer - recalled 



Incident Recap, March 1 - March 10

Tuesday, March 11, 2014  RECENT INCIDENTS

3/4 9:53 am Automatic Alarm; 108 N. Reading Rd., Boro – False accidental

3/6 10:41 pm Carbon Monoxide Alarm; 65 Fieldcrest Lane, Ephrata Twp. – False Detector malfunction

3/7 9:57 am Dwelling Fire; 13 S. King St., W. Cocalico Twp. – Assist Schoeneck Fire Co.

3/7 12:49 pm Vehicle Accident; 1100 block of S. State St., Boro-Assist Pioneer

3/8 7:53 am Vehicle Accident; Meadow Valley and Rettew Mill Rds., Ephrata Twp. Truck into a pole

3/8 9:53 am Fire Police; Academy Dr. and Rt. 272, Boro – Power outage – Direct at Traffic lights

3/8 7:38 pm Dwelling Fire; 146 E. Main St., Boro, Assist Pioneer Fire Co.

3/10 12:46 pm Vehicle Accident; 500 block of Hackman Rd., Clay Twp. – Car snapped a pole and flipped onto roof



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